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Quick Bits

Random thoughts, none of which merit a post of their own:

  • Woody Allen was quoted in various articles as saying, "It's hard for me to imagine a world without Bob Hope in it." What they forgot to print was the second half of the quote "or teenage Asian chicks for that matter."

  • Howard Kurtz has nice things to say about Keith Olbermann's MSNBC show Countdown. I'm convinced that the staff of Countdown are blog readers. Note to MSNBC readers - I'm available for stringing work...

  • Why not?

  • I still remember the Where Do I Come From? book. Clearly this kid will be in AP Sex Education.

  • James Joyner notes that Right Wing News now requires registration for the comment section. Why John?

  • This is about the most pathetic reason I've ever seen to get married.

Right as I was about to submit this article I noticed that Right Wing News is mostly down and suffering from some hosting problems. I guess the registration requirement for comments was just too much bad karma.

Comments (2)

Hi Kev! I'm back...finall... (Below threshold)

Hi Kev! I'm back...finally. I didn't die, but my computer kinda did. I managed to finally switch from AOHell to Earthlink, so I should be good to go, now. Just wanted to stop by and let ya know that I was thinking aboutcha while I was away. Ya know, yours is the first blog I've visited tonight that isn't changed, somehow. Between guest bloggers and disabled comments, I'm beginning to think I missed the 11 most active days of blogging-not to mention the blogathon...
Anyway, I'm back in the saddle and I'm glad SOMETHING hasn't changed. Be readin' ya-

Because having logins is an... (Below threshold)

Because having logins is another tool to help keep spammers/trolls/impersonators under control. Plus, it takes 2 minutes to register and as long as you hold on to the cookie, you won't have to login again for a year, so it's not inconvenient for regular posters.






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