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What's The Oldest Item On Your TiVo?

Looking through the items that are saved on our TiVo, I noticed that quite a few items have been marked as Save Until I Delete (SUID). My wife, Vickie, gets a little carried away with that function sometimes. Since our Tivo has been upgraded to hold 100+ hours we hang onto shows that we almost certainly will never watch. The oldest show currently on the Now Playing list is an episode of The Wiggles on the Disney Chanel from 12/14/2002. I'm not counting this show as the oldest since we don't record the show regularly and we only keep that one episode for the children of our friends when they're over.

The oldest show on our Now Playing List: Broadway Melody of 1938 from Turner Classic Movies (2/26/2003). A close second is Hello, Dolly! from the Fox Movie Channel (3/1/2003).

No those aren't my recordings, they're Vickie's... I wouldn't want my TiVo to think I'm gay...

But enough embarasing details about my household. What's the oldest saved recording on your TiVo?


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Comments (3)

Don't have a TiVo.... (Below threshold)

Don't have a TiVo.

But I think I still have my videotapes of the original V miniseries from, uh, the early eighties.

Does that count?

V... That's a good ... (Below threshold)

V... That's a good one. The only way VHS tapes would count is if you never expanded the number of tapes you own. A standard TiVo is equivalent to 10 3hr VHS tapes. If you only had 10 tapes and V was one of them that would be impressive.

OMG, The Wiggles? Kevin!</p... (Below threshold)

OMG, The Wiggles? Kevin!






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