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The Cat's Out Of The Bag

I have no idea who this woman is... but apparently she is quite the little dream girl for the TechTV crowd. Anyway, Cat Schwartz has a blog, which in an of itself is not real newsworthy, but what happened there with two pictures is. Recently Cat posted this semi-suggestive picture where she was smoking. She looked like she didn't have a top on, but the rest of the picture was cropped.

The beach blanket crowd soon opened the picture in Photoshop and found that there was a little secret embedded within the image - Cat Schwartz naked. Opening the picture from inside Photoshop you see the full uncropped image in the preview box. Another image she had posted a few days before was from the same session. This post and Cat's site has over 1000 comments about the pics (it can take a while to load). To her credit, she seems to be taking it all with a good sense of humor.

So let this be a warning to bloggers posting croped version of racy pics, that you should examine the preview image before uploading. Windows XP users just need to show the folder that the picture is in using the Thumbnail view. You may be suprised by the results.

Want to see the originals?

Google Image Search is your friend. Use it if you must...


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Comments (8)

All I can say is the tech c... (Below threshold)

All I can say is the tech crowd must be a really horny bunch to be all that excited about seeing that. I doubt there was anything under your black boxes that would excite me any more than what I saw. Sorry, I do not find her body to be anything worth writing about, but then that is me.

Oh, while I am here, Kevin: I really do not have as much problem with the blogrolling pings not going through when I first publish my posts, as I do with nothing showing I have updated my blog on anyone's blogrolls when I actually get the ping to go through on the second attempt where I manually paste such ping link in the ping box.

That's really interesting t... (Below threshold)

That's really interesting that the whole pic was imbedded in the cropped image. Who woulda thunk it?

Watching Call for Help will... (Below threshold)

Watching Call for Help will never be the same for me again.

The embedded image may be a... (Below threshold)

The embedded image may be a part of the "undo" functionality. Strange that the application would behave that way.

It is my understanding that... (Below threshold)

It is my understanding that the 'camera' embedds a thumbnail image and that Photoshop doesn't update that unless there are major changes to the image...


Hmm...feeling a bit repetat... (Below threshold)

Hmm...feeling a bit repetative, Steve? I do feel sorry for Cat and her inbox...yipes, the stuff she's gonna be getting...or has been getting. makes me wonder about some of the programs out there...opening adobe producs on the comp will never be the same for me. lol. Just glad Cat can take something like this so well. I'd think she was a nice person...can't help but feel for her with all the pervs circulating these images. O.O;

cat ,, why would u pose for... (Below threshold)
don sanders:

cat ,, why would u pose for the pic's ,,,baby your body is not that hot ,, is it to make money on your web site? so ppl will go there? really i dont understand cause u seem a nice person , oh yea how did u keep your job ?

1 word. DAMN!Like... (Below threshold)

1 word. DAMN!

Like it was said before...call for help will never be the same






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