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Florida Crocs

WKMG-TV is reporting that a large crocodile - and not the school's namesake Alligator mascot - is featured on the cover of the University of Florida's 2003 football media guide.

Florida spokesman Steve McClain said, "We asked for an alligator, we paid for an alligator and unfortunately we did not get an alligator. It's unfortunate, it's somewhat embarrassing obviously, but the bottom line is we thought we were getting an alligator."

Update: Here's a story with a picture of the cover.

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As a Seminole, I'm saddened... (Below threshold)

As a Seminole, I'm saddened -- heh heh -- by this news. Though I also hope that's not the only thing wrong with UF football this fall ;-)

Man, don't you southern's h... (Below threshold)

Man, don't you southern's have anything better to do? hehehehe

I would think that the Flor... (Below threshold)

I would think that the Floridians would have enough sense to buy from a reputable alligator salesmen. ;-)

After this news i have neve... (Below threshold)

After this news i have never been as happy to be a seminole because all we have to deal with is getting people kicked off the team and stealing money but now all the talk has been passed to the Crocs. Im just proud to say that the Noles dont have anybody that is so stupid they cant tell the difference between the crocs and the gators.

They even have GO CROCS t-s... (Below threshold)

They even have GO CROCS t-shirts now for Florida fans.. and WHAT A CROC shirt for anti-fans

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