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If You're Going To Fight...

Be like these "special" boys John Collins and Bill Cimino. They've obviously logged some serious hours on the short bus, so keep that in mind when you visit their sites.

Bill is dissing John about being a goat. John shoots back with the ugly truth about Bill. It's evidently some sort of Insultathon that involves Susie somehow. The winner gets to grovel to Frank for Susie's lost blogroll link, I think...

Just to prove they're both not complete maniacs they both occasionally manage to post something not about each other. John reminds us it's Wednesday (or at least it was when he wrote it) and Armando Benitez still sucks. Truer words were never spoken...

Bill apparently IS completely nuts because his best post is about a game called Mushy Biscuit. He sure knows an awful lot about rules of that game, hmm.


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Now where is my blurb regar... (Below threshold)

Now where is my blurb regarding those two terrorists I am personally detaining?






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