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Where's Justin?

Brittany's cherry popper, Justin Timberlake, is making great strides in his quest to become a segment on VH1's Where Are They Now?.

Headlines like this just make me all warm and fuzzy inside:

Justin Timberlake Joins Stones At Toronto Benefit, Gets Pelted With Garbage

Evidently the equally irrelevant Fred Durst was unavailable to make it a threesome with Mick.


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Comments (8)

LMAO! Oh Lord...can't breat... (Below threshold)

LMAO! Oh Lord...can't breathe.

Poetic justice. My day just... (Below threshold)

Poetic justice. My day just got so much better. The public thanks you for bringing this to our attention. Turns out there is a God.

One day I'm going to walk i... (Below threshold)

One day I'm going to walk into a mall and Justin Timberlake is going to be the rent-a-cop, and I'm going to laugh and laugh and laugh.

Thanks SO much for the line... (Below threshold)

Thanks SO much for the line that will never leave my conscious mind, you bastard.

Brittany's cherry-popper.

You really are a bastard, Kevin.

Everyone's got to be famous... (Below threshold)

Everyone's got to be famous for something... 10 years from now that's what he'll be famous for.

I was going to use Brittany fucker, but it just didn't have the right feel. Good to know I picked a more memorable line.

As to being a bastard, guilty as charged...

You know, some of us actual... (Below threshold)

You know, some of us actually like the guy...

Michele you have a teenage ... (Below threshold)

Michele you have a teenage daughter... You get a pass on all things boy band. :-)

it's funny you laugh at him... (Below threshold)

it's funny you laugh at him, he's done more than any of you losers will ever do. yes, i'm talking to you.






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