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Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Maybe he took the whole method acting thing a little too seriously?


A 15-YEAR-OLD boy believed to have died after taking ecstasy acted in an anti-drugs film screened last week. Ben Hennessy was also cameraman for Mixing It, about a teenager who dies after taking drugs.

The film had a private showing last week - a few days before Ben collapsed at his grandad's home in St Albans, Herts. He is thought to have taken a number of ecstasy tablets stamped with a picture of a kangaroo.


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Comments (3)

life imitates art?... (Below threshold)

life imitates art?

only coz people gave him it... (Below threshold)

only coz people gave him it!!! i actually knew him and wot he was like and he wuld neva do dat!

Ben, we're always thinki... (Below threshold)

Ben, we're always thinking of you, and wishing you were still here with us x Miss you loads x We love you x






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