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Hair Ying & Yang

Here are two posts that were fascinatingly disturbing that I ran across last night. Both of the posts deal with body hair but they are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

The first was posted at Acidman's site by Shell from Accross The Atlantic. For the record, I saw the payoff coming right from the start. It was the detail of the post that suprised me. I figured that if she was going for the laugh that the setup would be coy, but I was seriously wrong there... Instead we got a how-to manual. I feel so edjumacated now...

Andrew Sullivan hits the other end of the spectrum in documenting his movements through the bear subculture in the gay community where hairiness is celebrated. Who even know there was such a thing? It does make sense though, as god did not make most men into hairless wonders.

All this talk of hair reminds me of my favorite hair song, by the Judybats (an excellent early nineties band) - Alliwannado is fuck your hair. (MP3 coming).


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