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Type Pad Pricing

Anil Dash linked to the Type Pad Features and Pricing announcement. Signups start late Monday night or early Tuesday morning depending on your geographical location.

I have to say that overall it looks like a pretty good deal, with one exception. The bandwidth limits look a little low. Based on my July traffic of 30,000 visits and 3GB of bandwidth used, I estimate it that 10,000 visits equals 1GB of bandwidth. By that measure I would have been required to use the Pro version, and even that would not have been enough. My hosting package at Verve Hosting was $5 a month for 3GB of bandwidth (which I've since upgraded to a $10 plan with 10GB a month bandwidth). I'd estimate that 300 or so visitors a day would exhaust you bandwidth on the cheapest plan.

Here's the monthly pricing and associated bandwidth you get:

Basic ($4.95) - 1 GB
Plus ($8.95) - 2 GB
Pro ($14.95) - 3 GB

Overall I think adding 1GB to each plan would be an improvement, but that's just my opinion.


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Comments (5)

I get 500 MB storage and 20... (Below threshold)

I get 500 MB storage and 20 GB data transfer for $18.95 from my Web hosting service (bluedomino.com) and I get a discount for paying annually. Their $34.95 plan offers 1 GB storage and 60 GB data transfer. Plus I get unlimited e-mail accounts, MySQL, and a lot more. With 20,000 visitors last month and lots of graphics on my site, I couldn't use Type Pad. I waiting to see what MT Pro looks like.

My current hosting plan is ... (Below threshold)

My current hosting plan is $5.00 per month for 500 MB storage and 10GB bandwidth. I have unlimited e-mail accounts, mySQL, subdomains, etc. They have excellent uptime.

Bandwidth doesn't seem to c... (Below threshold)

Bandwidth doesn't seem to correlate very well with visitors. My traffic and bandwidth since moving to HostingMatters in mid April:

4/03 6170 2.94 GB
5/03 6836 4.17 GB
6/03 5816 3.57 GB
7/03 9674 9.35 GB

Indeed, I came pretty close to my 10 GB max this past month.

Pixy Misa's Discount Budget... (Below threshold)

Pixy Misa's Discount Budget Blogspot Exodus program is better value :)

I'm paying $8/mo. for 500 M... (Below threshold)

I'm paying $8/mo. for 500 MB storage and 20 Gig bandwidth. So, yes, that seems a bit steep to me, too.






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