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Gigli News - Staying Away In Droves

With an opening weekend take of $3.8 million, Gigli, the epically bad Ben Affleck/Jennifer Lopez film is on track to potentially rake in less than $10 million dollars at the box office.

Dan Ackman at From Forbes.com did a little division to estimate the per theater attendance figures. Here's what he came up with:

Just how poorly did Gigli fare? $3.8 million represents at $6 a ticket about 633,000 tickets. Since it opened in 2,215 theaters and perhaps 5,000 screens with 16 showings over three days, some quick division indicates that at the average screening fewer than ten brave souls were in attendance.
So let's see what popular opinion is on the US gross for this film.

Comments (2)

hmmm, but now I want to wat... (Below threshold)

hmmm, but now I want to watch it. Kinda like a car wreck.

It apparently is so bad tha... (Below threshold)

It apparently is so bad that it isn't even funny bad, which is a shame.






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