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I Film I Can Get Behind

Jennifer, who was nice enough to stay up with me during the Blogathon, has a message for the Liberal Assclown. It is: Damn You Frank Jr.. A cinematic masterpiece Jen, Bravo!

Note to all - Frank Jr. bashing is highly encouraged, since I remain on the enemies list at IMAO. As least I'm in good company. You direct them I'll showcase them...

Update: Pixy Misa has created a serial drama called The Blogfather. Apparently it will never end....


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Comments (9)

Thanks, Kevin!... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Kevin!

Aha! A relevant place and ... (Below threshold)

Aha! A relevant place and time to finally ask this-my current most burning question:

What does the "I" stand for in IMAO? I'm assuming the MAO stands for "...My Ass Off. So, what's the "I"? Irritating? Intoxicating? Implying? Impugning? What?

Also, Kevin-have you gotten an email from me lately? I emailed you about adding an image to my site with the new Earthlink email and I don't know if you even got it. And, I have (yet another) question about installing "Extreme Tracking". Such as : How? lol.

I'm more concerned with the email thing right now, so can ya let me know? If you didn't, I'll try it again-when you're ready. If it STILL doesn't work, I'll ask Kevin about it....he's my omnipotent answer man when it comes to all things computer. ;-) (lmao)

Inbreeding? Actually, I be... (Below threshold)

Inbreeding? Actually, I believe IMAO means In My Arrogant Opinion. Unless it really does mean International Monkey Assassin Organization? Hmm.

I have movies too! See: <a... (Below threshold)

I have movies too! See: http://ambientirony.com/Archives/2003_08_05.html#000695

Movies! And they have Frnak in them!

Heh heh heh! You guys crack... (Below threshold)

Heh heh heh! You guys crack me up :) Though all this laughing is making my cough worse.

Dangit I've been dissing Fr... (Below threshold)

Dangit I've been dissing Frank. J for about a week now, maybe two. Do I get on his enemies list? Do I get linked? Do I get permalinked and immediately ceremonially delinked? Do I get any attention whatsoever? No.

Sucks to be me.

Tim, you must have missed <... (Below threshold)

Tim, you must have missed this. Every day is whore yourself out at Wizbang... You are on the blogroll here, as long as you are pinging Weblogs.com you should show up on the list of the 100 most recently update blogs. Look at the link to show the full list and you'll see your entry. The reciprocal link list entries here should be self explanitory...

Jen: Oooohhh. I was a lit... (Below threshold)

Jen: Oooohhh. I was a little off, huh? Thanks for the info, tho. Now, if I could only figure out the REST of this computer crap....lol.

Never end. Never ever. Un... (Below threshold)

Never end. Never ever. Until I run out of ideas. Or maybe not even then. Haha! SusieBot! Can't go wrong with a SusieBot!






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