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On Low Carb Diets

I happened upon this article at kuro5hin.org about low carb diets. The author (McBain) offers no real insights into the reasons why so many people have success with low carb diets, and engages in gratuitous junk science by trotting out any study showing the negative effects of diets high in animal protein. The author's flimsy citations hardly give one the sense that he/she is a master of this topic.

I do not claim to be a master on this topic either, but I do know from first hand experience that low carb diets work, we as a society eat entirely too much sugar, etc... I've address this topic before here and here. Other bloggers like Steve at Little Tiny Lies, and Oliver Willis have posted on this subject as well.

If you would like to see a reasoned and scientific assessment of low carb diets, Michael Crawford makes much better points in his comments than the author of the original post as to how a low carb diet actually affects and modifies the bodies functioning. Here he gives a detailed description of how his weight loss has affected other medical conditions he had.

Crawford does a fine job of encapsulating the pros of the low carb approach. Everywhere you look more and larger portions of carb rich food are being hoisted upon us. Is it any wonder that we as a nation are getting fatter?


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Anecdotally, the low carb t... (Below threshold)

Anecdotally, the low carb thing has worked for me. I'm not a strict Adkins guy--I eat more fruits than he recommended, for example--but the basic principles seem to work. Plus, proteins are filling and satisfying. Any diet that keeps you hungry and craving satisfaction will quickly fail.

The low-carb approach may w... (Below threshold)

The low-carb approach may work in limited ways -- but for hypoglycemic people like me, a low carb diet is very dangerous.

Occam's Razor applies: Eat less, exercise more. I don't know why that seems to be so difficult to grasp.

38 years old trying to lose... (Below threshold)

38 years old trying to lose weight, do not know what to eat, please give a list of food, i can eat






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