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This Is Sure To Provoke A Shit Storm

Eat fake fat to your hearts content says the FDA. The real question is, "Do you feel lucky"? Is it worth risking an afternoon of bathroom trips for a bag chips that runs right through you?

CHICAGO, Illinois (Reuters) -- The Food & Drug Administration will no longer require companies that sell snacks and other foods containing the controversial fat substitute olestra to warn that it can cause cramping and other digestive problems.

In a ruling Friday, the FDA eliminated that requirement, which has been in warning labels ever since 1996, when the agency allowed Procter & Gamble Co. to market the fat substitute, which is sold under the brand name Olean.

Studies using normal consumption of products with olestra showed the additive caused only infrequent, mild gastrointestinal effects, FDA said.


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Comments (4)

That olestra crap (pun inte... (Below threshold)

That olestra crap (pun intended) made me miserable. It was way beyond "infrequent, mild gastrointestinal effects". I can't touch it.

I don't understand why the FDA thinks this is such a great idea. Morons!

Hmmm, makes it sound like <... (Below threshold)

Hmmm, makes it sound like eating beans.

One cup of coffee in the mo... (Below threshold)

One cup of coffee in the morning is enough for me and there are no warnings on that.

I remember that this was a ... (Below threshold)

I remember that this was a big issue about six years ago when the stuff first came out. I recall one talkshow host carrying on about Olestra inducig "anal leakage". Lovely, ain't it.






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