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Vanity Reminders (All sorts)

Midnight Monday is the deadline for Bonfire of the Vanities entries. That's about 4 hours from now - but I'll let you slide until the wee hours, since I wont start compiling until the morning. I'm tired of typing reminders, so read the last one or read last weeks Bonfire of the Vanities. I'm starting to understand why Sid made the Carnival a traveling road show...

Across the Atlantic is hosting the Carnival this week, and entries are due Tuedsay.

If I could read French I might have some idea of when entries for the French version of the Carnaval des vanites were due. I don't write my posts in French, so I won't be entering anytime soon.

I wonder when we will be seeing a Spanish version: Carnaval de los Vanities. Rachel Lucas is ready to submit some entries for that one.

Update: Late night bloggers rejoice - You've got until 9AM EST Tuesday for Bonfire entries, since as I suspected I haven't finished writing up the post...


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Hey, I'd be willing to host... (Below threshold)

Hey, I'd be willing to host The Bonfire sometime, and I bet plenty o' other bloggers would too.






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