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Bonfire of the Vanities - Week 5

The Bonfire of the Vanities returns! This weeks gathering of the usual suspects is as always abominable. Posts were gladdy offered up to the raging inferno that is the Bonfire...

Bonfire of the Vanities

Before you wallow in their misery, ask yourself, "Did I have anything worthy for this collection?" I'm betting that the answer would be YES.

Illuminating The Blogosphere With Their Burning Embers
  • Harvey Olson at Bad Money is not content just to piss off the Secret Service, now he's started mooning the DEA with his bills. Bad indeed...
  • Feste offers gass-masked Frog (and Kraut) bashing to the gods of the Bonfire. The gods accept.
  • Jeff McClune wonders what Google would turn up is you searched for "I smell like vinegar". The #4 and #5 answers predictably are Jeff's blog. Click through and make him number 1.
  • Tiger lays down some smack on Glenn Reynolds. The entire blogosphere failed to notice... Cheap stunt = Bonfire winner!
  • Tim resolves not to do political blogging, then recinds his resolution. Schizophrenia blogging is always worth a look.
  • Kin desperately wants to make a mullet joke at John Collins expense, but he can't find a mullet picture. How lame is that? Here's your mullet pictures...
  • Margi has lesbian trolls... Apparently her beauty draws them in like a bug to one of those zappers. She's erected a blog troll zapper for good measure.
  • Susie breaks blog etiquette and complains about how much work another blogger moving will cause her. It's always me, me, me...
  • Deb Yoder is weather blogging. Argh... In case anyone is wondering, here's the forecast for Deb today.
  • Pietro has the bad taste to mention me in the company of Larry Flint, James Traficant, and Saddam Hussein. Wow, I'm like honored, I think. Pure evil genius and quality Bonfire material...
  • Jay proves that he is the master of all things related to bad music. He is so good at bad that he won the Outside The Beltway contest for the ten worst songs of the past 25 years. What he didn't tell you was that he LOVED every one of those songs.
  • Sean has a multitude of topics from which to create a post, yet he chose to regail us with a link to a story about Green Bay Packer ticket design. Must have been a slow day at FARK...
  • David (Zombyboy) fucks with the wrong Trekkie... Taunting the higher beings is a risky proposition, as he quickly learned.
  • Adam milks his two minutes of infamy for the 100th time. He does however remember to include pictures, although he fails to include or link to some hot pictures of the Hilton sisters. Slacker..
  • I offer this post on Eminem Kid as my worst of the week. In ten years that could be one of my kids. Tempting fate like this is a risky proposition.

Want To Join?
E-mail me a link to your worst post of the week and include any extenuating circumstance, humorous commentary, or self serving excuse for your pathetic post. Get your entries for next week's edition to me via e-mail by midnight EST Monday August 11th. Please use BOTV 6 Entry in the subject line.


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Comments (2)

Hmmm... some of these posts... (Below threshold)

Hmmm... some of these posts didn't suck at all... needs more gasoline.

By the way, you're getting progressively better at the intros every week.

I won, I won, I finally won... (Below threshold)

I won, I won, I finally won! I have the crappiest post of the week. Put some more wood on that fire, and BURN BABY! BURN! ;)






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