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Do You Remember This Game?

Imagine my surprise when I found THIS in the kids toys section at my local Target:

Of course it's Mattel Football where you controlled a blip on the screen, working the up/down and side to side buttons to avoid the other blips on the screen on a 9 yard field. Actually Target is selling the re-released Mattel Classic Football 2 which had advanced features like running forward and backward, passing, kicking, etc .

Oh, the memories this brings back...

This may have been the first video game or computer exposure that I had growing up. In the late 70's this was THE game to own if you were a little boy (I'm sure plenty of girls had them also). We used to play this thing to death...


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Comments (9)

Man, I really wanted... (Below threshold)

Man, I really wanted one of those when I was a kid, but never got one *sniff*.

However, I can't imagine a kid today wanting one--unless it sells for like $5. And even then, that game is rather, well, lame compared to what you can get nowadays.

It's maybe $10. Playing it... (Below threshold)

It's maybe $10. Playing it might ruin the nostalgia...

I rocked at that game. I ca... (Below threshold)

I rocked at that game. I can't believe they still carry it, though. Suddenly, I want one and I want it bad...

That game got me kicked out... (Below threshold)

That game got me kicked out of Home Ec.

Yes, functionally, it's ext... (Below threshold)

Yes, functionally, it's extremely lame. But it's not about the graphics, it's about the game play. The thrillng satisfaction of tearing off a 20 yard run, your heart pounding, your fingers cramping. It's very basic, yet quite habit-forming.

I almost picked one up last... (Below threshold)

I almost picked one up last year for my birthday...but I decided against it. I have enough repetitive motion stress on my hands as it is.

But, I do love to play with it when I see it at someone's house!

Wow! My cousins and I staye... (Below threshold)

Wow! My cousins and I stayed up hours playing this. This was by far the coolest game of my childhood. I was actually thinking about it a few days ago. Man, that's awesome.

haha When did that game fir... (Below threshold)

haha When did that game first come out?? I remember playing it when I was younger.. and it actually belonged to my uncle. Had no idea they still sold those...

Play's exactly like the 70'... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Play's exactly like the 70's version, but the "screen" is a backlight LCD version instead of actual LED's. You can't tell except that some of the white shell of the game glows red, which didn't happen with the original.






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