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Van Slam Cans Klan

More proof Louisiana is a little bit different than any other state in the union, By the way, no one has found the whorehouse disguised as a dry cleaning business either. For those of you getting a little "starch" in your shirts, mums the word...

NEW ORLEANS, La. (Reuters) - A car crash in a town near New Orleans revealed that a building thought to be a home improvement business was actually a white supremacist church, police said on Friday. The vehicle smashed into the brick storefront in Chalmette, Louisiana, after colliding with two other cars and came to rest amid stacks of racist books and pamphlets, including Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf," they said.

A sign proclaimed the building the "Southern Home Improvement Center," said Lt. Mike Sanders of the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff's Department, but investigators found out it was the New Christian Crusade Church and headquarters of the Christian Defense League. Both organizations were the projects of building owner James Warner, a founder of the American Nazi Party and associate of former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard and Republican gubernatorial candidate David Duke, according to the Anti-Defamation League, which monitors hate groups.

Title Credit: Norbizness

Special thanks to all title entries, there were a lot of great ones.

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Warm puppies, Norbizness! G... (Below threshold)

Warm puppies, Norbizness! Great job, by George!

Woo hoo! *whistles and cla... (Below threshold)

Woo hoo! *whistles and claps* Good one, Norby!

Now, if I can just get that... (Below threshold)

Now, if I can just get that guy at "Outside the Beltway" to recognize one of my throwaway captions, my resume could be immeasurably enhanced.

I wish these guys would qui... (Below threshold)

I wish these guys would quite using "Christian" in everything, like using the name makes it so.

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