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A Twist On The $4M Dollar Apology

I told you that the Vail Daily was going to be a good source for Kobe news here. From last weeks Vail Daily comes news that there were a few 911 responses to Kobe's Orange County residence to treat an unidentified woman for an unidentified conditions prior to his arrest in Eagle County Colorado. One call occurred the day before he surrendered himself to Eagle County authorities.

Since the article discounts the possibility of injury, it is possible that the new owner of a $4M dollar apology ring tried to do herself some harm intentional or otherwise. Of course this is purely speculation, but it does not stretch ones imagination to believe that an overdose of some tranquilizing medication may have been taken. I'm fairly confident that Mrs. Bryant certainly would have been REALLY PISSED upon learning the details of her husbands actions.

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