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Britney Spears Topless!

Judging by the media hype about Britney Spears topless pictures in the October 2003 British Elle magazine you might expect that there would be something interesting going on. As the photo below proves, it's a non-story story. MSNBC, The Mirror, Access Hollywood, and other news and entertainment news organizations have had their collective tongues wagging about a "transformation" or "crossroads" that these pictures signal. You'll pardon me if I'm less than bowled over. Pretty much everyone on earth has seen skimpy outfits on the teen queen.

I guess she is trying to change her image from a teeny bopper tramp to an adult tramp. Good luck with that Britney...


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Comments (26)

Guess the empire is running... (Below threshold)

Guess the empire is running low on cash. Gotta go to the next level. Whaddya think will be next? Girl on girl kissing scenes in a movie or on tv? How about it, folks! I think this is where she's heading.

If only she could sing.... (Below threshold)

If only she could sing.

They were already in discus... (Below threshold)

They were already in discussions with Playboy the day after she turned 18. On the not so off chance her career went south. Can you say 'White Trash' children?

It seems quite obviously th... (Below threshold)

It seems quite obviously that she'll have to break down and do porn flicks with Christina and Justin. I mean, it'll be just like what she already does, but with her clothes off.

I've never understood why p... (Below threshold)

I've never understood why people are so quick to criticize Britney. She can't sing. She can't act. Do I care? No. I just want to see her shake it. ;)

Go Kevin! You cut to the q... (Below threshold)

Go Kevin! You cut to the quick. Yes, she's a cheap-looking, trailer-trash slut. I don't see any problem there at all...

Sigh...it's true. But then ... (Below threshold)

Sigh...it's true. But then again I've always found white trash girls attractive. I had such a thing for Drew Barrymore 5-6 years ago. She's still nice to look at.

I must confess, I find her ... (Below threshold)

I must confess, I find her rather hot. I don't think she's much of a singer, but she's already had a pretty impressive career.

Joanie - It's Dukes of Hazz... (Below threshold)

Joanie - It's Dukes of Hazzard for her next. She can redefine Daisy Dukes for a new generation. Wait a year or two for the mock lesbian action, unless she needs a chart topping video sooner than that:-)

But you're right, she'll go with whatever the topic of the momment is that sells. Madonna is her admitted roll model so this should not be a suprise.

I think she needs to eat a ... (Below threshold)

I think she needs to eat a bit more often, starting to look a bit anorexic to me. This is not half as provocative to see as those nude photos of Ashley and Mary Kate that don't exist.

mmm NOT THAT INNOCENT after... (Below threshold)

mmm NOT THAT INNOCENT after all!

The *ahem* are covered nice... (Below threshold)

The *ahem* are covered nicely, but that picture does seem to take away the possibility that those are fake.

The TRUTH:You girl... (Below threshold)


You girls who are calling Britney a slut are just jealous because every man on this earth wants her.

I don't really think EVERY ... (Below threshold)

I don't really think EVERY MAN wants Britney, I've seen better things in my life. Britney is not all that. She is just another barely nude woman.

do you have more of te elle... (Below threshold)

do you have more of te elle pics....

Yeah I want to fuck her but... (Below threshold)

Yeah I want to fuck her but thats about it. I dont think she has any personality at all. She pretty much does whats shes told by her producers. She doesnt seem to have any of her on morals. Wouldnt be a relationship there. She is total sex though essentialy a porn star who hides it. She has no doubt slept with the highest bidder on many occations...and this is one of the few great things there could be about being rich. VERY VERY sexy and very fuckable...but after I was done I guess Id have to go talk to the stove or fridge if I wanted to talk to something..maybe the TV would be the best bet. And no she cant sing...her voice is completly digitized and modified..she dances kind of nice though.

maybe her figure is pretty,... (Below threshold)

maybe her figure is pretty, but in my opinion she has real ugly tits, if ya look good and think her arm away you'll know what i'm saying

she's just a hype, but imo nothing special

Anorexic?! WTF? She's chu... (Below threshold)

Anorexic?! WTF? She's chubby as hell. The only thing that stops chunk-zilla from getting fat is the fact that she can pay for personal trainers and a staff of fifty to figure out how to get her back down to size 9 before the big show/photo shoot/whatever. Oh and she probably pukes up her food and does tons of drugs. It's an age-old trick that women have used for centuries, it's called: suck it in.

I think Britney is so beaut... (Below threshold)

I think Britney is so beautiful, shes way better than Christina and all those other girls out there, maybe shes not the best singer in the world, but she sure knows how to carry herself! Shes got an amazing body, and every guy I know would die if they saw her. So for the fuks that said she wasnt hot, or "chubby" you guys are soooo WRONG! Shes the hottest around, and just admit it all you haters, cause you could never be as good or as famous or beautiful as her. EVER! SHES HOT AND YOUR NOT! ahaha

Leave Britney alone u tubes... (Below threshold)

Leave Britney alone u tubes. shes stunning!

hey britney spears can u em... (Below threshold)

hey britney spears can u email me pictures of ur tits with ur autograph on it please thanks

I think that Britney is abs... (Below threshold)

I think that Britney is absolutely gorgeous. She is what most men dream about and what alot of women would like to look like. I think that all of you haters are just jealous because she was able to hit it big at a young age and none of you can seem to cut it back off of her and let her enjoy her life.

I think BRiteny is a hot gu... (Below threshold)

I think BRiteny is a hot gurl and all ya's haters out thur got 2 really shut up cuz yaz pissed of n hatin on evrythinshe got evry man wants 2 b wit hur and evry gurl wans 2 look like hur yaz all jus hatin, n really need 2 leave her alone n live hur own life n let her do wat she wants 2 do n yaz also need ta mind ur own buissnes.N i think dat she is gorgeus so all ya haters go f*** urself!!!!!!!!!! PS Brit Holla bak n email me
PSS send sum pics iight

Nice bit of gear cant sing,... (Below threshold)

Nice bit of gear cant sing, cant dance and cant act mabe thats why shes rich and happy !! one day she will be on playboy to boost the image so the lads will have to be pacient!!

good luck cipota

I love Britany Spears she i... (Below threshold)

I love Britany Spears she is so fuckin hot I really want to grab her and fuck her. I want to have sex with britany spears. Alsao, I think Britany Spears and Jessica Simpson should get married.......

nice Britney Pics :)... (Below threshold)

nice Britney Pics :)






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