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James Joyner - Member Of The Frenzied Left?

Hugh Hewitt has labeled James Joyner at Outside The Beltway a member of "the frenzied left."

At first I was inclined to disbelieve this gratuitous assertion. Any regular reader of Outside The Beltway would know this claim to be absurd. Some probing of the archives at OTB does reveal troubling results though. A search of the OTB archives for Democrat reveals a stageringly long list. Hmmm, maybe Hugh is on to something here...

Of course there is the whole issue of never having been seen together in public with Kevin Drum, but that's another matter altogether.


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Comments (2)

Heh. I must confess, howev... (Below threshold)

Heh. I must confess, however, to owing a navy polo shirt, several pairs of blue jeans, and some brown topsiders.

I plead guilty to bad parag... (Below threshold)

I plead guilty to bad paragraphing, but the "frenzied left" refers to Joshua Micah Marshall, not the estimable Mr. Joyner.






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