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More Recall Dirt

So The Terminator is in, Gary Coleman is in, Larry Flint is in, Arianna Huffington is in, how can this get anymore interesting?

Mickey Kaus knows how. Two top Democrats, Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante and possibly Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi are set to break ranks and join the fray tomorrow. This would effectively spell the end of the Davis effort to salvage his term. It will be nice to see a few Democrats enter the scrum. Here's an early report on the two joining the race.

Since I'm on the topic here's my take (like you really care):

Republican Outlook

If Arnold wins as a quasi Republican does he have the rank and file backing at the end of the term? Hard to say, except that there is a dearth of "name" Republicans to take him on, while there are plenty of "name" Democrats to do so (Feinstein, Boxer, etc.). Perhaps he could become a dynamic celebrity governor (Reagan) but he may just be a carbon copy of Jesse Ventura. He's certainly not old school conservative, rather he's more centrist like Pete Wilson. If the press starts comparing a Schwarzenegger administration to the Wilson years watch out. It's hard to see how this whole election furthers the overall California Republican party, which by the way is nowhere close to being able to deliver the state in a statewide or presidential election.

Democratic Outlook

Actually I think the long term interests of the Democrats would be served by loosing this election as it bears no resemblance to a normal election. If Davis is recalled and a Republican wins, Democrats still control the legislature, and in there will be a new Republican whipping boy for the states' woes. Republicans will say it's all the fault of Davis in particular and Democrats in general, and that strategy will work for a while. Memories fade though, and by the time the 2006 election rolls around Davis will be far from voter's minds. If things aren't any better the Republican governor will be target of voter frustration. Of course the incentive to be "bipartisan" will not pervade the legislature anytime soon.

Update: Here is an opposing viewpoint on Arnold as the great moderate hope for Republicans. Found via Steven at Poliblog, which is where I should have checked first for political news. Silly me... He's got great coverage on the recall election - as one would expect with a name like PoliBlog.


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I am of the opinion that be... (Below threshold)

I am of the opinion that being out of office is almost always (if not always) the worst position to be in for a political party.

And, I think Arnie could be... (Below threshold)

And, I think Arnie could be good for CA Reps, insofar as he will convince some voters that being Rep can be cool.

The movie Predator is now t... (Below threshold)

The movie Predator is now the launch point for governorship. Where will Carl Weathers end up?

On Indymedia I have found t... (Below threshold)

On Indymedia I have found the starting list of slurs against the Arnold Schwarzenegger run for Governor of California. That entry is here. I have taken it into a list form, for sheer readability, on my blog here. I notice the Nazi thing came out right up front. I would suggest that this is the script that will be followed, and that the mainstream press will pick these up within a week or so.

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