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Reason #1245 I Blog

Actual question asked of me a work today:

You're a directory expert, how do we get a X.509 certificate into and out of E-Directory using Java and JNDI?

I wish there was a cleaver clever joke I could make about that question. I'm not sure if it is more depressing that I know what he meant, or that I attempted to answer even though my knowledge of Java is roughly equivalent to Arnold's knowledge of California politics.

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Hmm. Some sort of C3PO refe... (Below threshold)

Hmm. Some sort of C3PO reference, maybe?

A cleaver joke or a ... (Below threshold)

A cleaver joke or a clever joke? Because that gibberish could be referring to some new-fangled knife set for all I know.


I noticed the same thing Je... (Below threshold)

I noticed the same thing Jen did...are you sure those kinda questions don't piss ya off? That would explain wanting to make a cleaver joke in response.

Not that I have a lot of room to talk. I addressed a comment "Hit" instead of "Hi" to RocketJones. Go look at my last few entries to see why. Between that and the incredibly slow Yahoo email page...It's no wonder I said "Hit".
Made myself laugh so hard when I saw what I wrote, I almost hurt myself.

What is UP with the Yahoo email replies and writing, anyway? (Goes slower than a dead turtle and shoots my replies to God-knows-where. And, it puts the addresses in itself.) And, Kevvy-did you ever get an email from me offa "Earthnet"? I don't think that works, either.

Regular mail is lookin' good by comparison...






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