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Coming Soon To An Infomercial Near You

So if someone starts offering this service, do you take them up on it prior to getting married? What do you do if divorce is predicted?

LONDON (Reuters) - A mathematician says he can predict with almost total accuracy which newly wed couples will enjoy a happy marriage -- using two lines of algebra. Professor James Murray says the two formulae he devised have a 94 percent success rate when it comes to forecasting whether a couple will stay together, the Daily Telegraph said Friday. The formulae were calculated during a 10-year study of 700 couples in the United States conducted by Murray, a mathematics professor at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Read the whole Yahoo! News article

Update: Laurence Simon wonders if the reporter was under the influence of drugs when filing this story. James Joyner offers a drug free assesment.

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One would think the service... (Below threshold)

One would think the service would be more valuable BEFORE marriage, no?






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