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Sports Blog Designer Needed

Sean Hackbarth (The American Mind) and I are starting a group Sport blog. We're focusing on the NFL and fantasy football to start with then covering other professional sports as their seasons startup. We will be issuing a call for contributors soon, as we will need a large cast of bloggers to cover the teams and players.

Right now our most critical need is for a site designer who is interested in being involved in the project. The upside is prominent logo placement, and projected large traffic volume. If you are have good design skills and some knowledge of Movable Type blog design we would love to talk with you. To designers just getting into the blog design scene this could be a high profile way for you to make a mark in the blog design market. The downside is that we have no money to pay for the design. Add revenues should allow us to eventually compensate the designer. Why can't we pay right now? Sean has already paid to go stalk meet Glenn Reynolds at BloggerCon and I've got two 2 year olds to feed.

Visit ESPN's NFL and Fantasy Football sites for design ideas as well as BlogCritics, FanBlogs, and The Command Post for examples of group blogs.

Feel free to link to your design site in the comments or privately e-mail me if you are interested.


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Comments (3)

Umm yea. I never wrote back... (Below threshold)

Umm yea. I never wrote back to you. Still interested, though. Send me that email again, would ya?

Great idea. And (P.S.) than... (Below threshold)

Great idea. And (P.S.) thanks for the shout-out to my side project, Fanblogs.com.

You've probably found a des... (Below threshold)

You've probably found a designer by now, but if you want to see the blog designs I've done, please visit


Thanks :)






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