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Around The Horn

Since I am struggling with bloggers block, I thought I'd highlight a couple new stops on my blogrounds, and point out some others that I haven't mentioned in a while. Don't worry the block will lift soon, although I'm always open for topics...

  • Shelli at Not Me has a blogosphere quiz today. Be sure to catch her lyric linkfest, such as this one. Damn that's a good idea.

  • Nicole at Go Fish is a prolific knitter. She's added a mohair thong to her offerings. No puns from me, they're available in the comments to the post. I think Hope has the best one, but I won't spoil it for you here.

  • If you hurry you might catch a glimpse of Deb at Must Be Nice.

  • Oliver Willis points out a digital photo archive that exposes the truth about professional photo retouching.

  • Rachael at Mookie Riffic is on a quest to top the Google search rankings for "Whore Clothes." Why? I'm not really sure, but her Dad doesn't seem to mind.

Update: Let me be the first to point out the Rachael is now the owner of the top spot in the Google search for "Whore Clothes". Click here to see the results.

Update 2: If you thought Nicole was kidding about the Mohair thong, well you would be wrong - here it is.

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I'm torn about it. As a pa... (Below threshold)

I'm torn about it. As a parent, you want your child to set goals and achieve them. Yet I also want to smack her upside the head for this particular one, and achieving it. LOL

I rock!... (Below threshold)

I rock!






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