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How Recalls Start?

This would tick me off if I lived in Denver. It's that the only reason such a channel exists if due to the forced inclusion in the cable franchise which is controlled by the same City Council.

DENVER (AP) - A government-access television station wasn't allowed to tape a City Council discussion of the city's budget crisis Wednesday because a councilwoman said she didn't want the group to be shown eating the cinnamon rolls she brought to the meeting.


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Hm. Should there be a law ... (Below threshold)

Hm. Should there be a law that a councilperson can't donate messy snacks to the participants in a public meeting? Do you think she deliberately brought messy snacks so that she could prevent the broadcast of the budget meeting?

Citizens presumably had the right to attend the meeting in person. There is a vast difference between sitting in public eating a messy snack and being videotaped eating a messy snack - the public display is in context and it's over when it's over, the videotape could be snipped for an eternity of unattractive pictures of people running for elections. Not to mention if the microphones might pick up the actual chewing noises. Ick!

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