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You Have The Power To Send Me To BloggerCon 2003

So Dave Winer is having a $500 a head conference at Harvard called BloggerCon 2003. He's looking for participants on a Technology Panel, and I thought - hey I fit that description. Why not...

From his announcement:

I don't want "how I did this last summer" narratives, I want sweeping conclusions, "the industry is failing at this," or "users would pay for this, but no one is supplying it." Or whatever it is that users have to say about the state of the technology. I want opinionated big-thinkers, who happen not to be vendors.

So what I'm looking for are three or four people who fit this bill:

1. They're fully knowledgeable about the technology behind weblogs. They've peeked under the hood, seen the content management system, written a few macros, installed plug-ins, edited the database without breaking the blog. They are fearless and smart about the technology. They are not vendors.

2. They've used two or more different blogging tools. The more the better.

3. They have a weblog that's fairly well-read and fairly long-lived.

4. They have never advocated on behalf of one tool.

Please let me know if you know someone who fits the bill. I'm trawling for recommendations.

See you immediately thought of me didn't you? If not, shame on you. Anyway, I leave it in your hands; if he hears enough voices perhaps he will invite me. If you contact him and I get invited there's probably a conference goodie bag item with your name on it.

Send Dave a recommendation via private e-mail or via a comment to the post.

Comments (9)

Me guesses that, if you com... (Below threshold)

Me guesses that, if you come up with $500, he'll realize the incredible oversight he's made. Plus, it doesn't sound like anyone is actually going.

I think that panel speakers... (Below threshold)

I think that panel speakers get a "free ride" so to speak. That's my angle...

I think the free ride presu... (Below threshold)

I think the free ride presumes enough people cough up $500. One wonders whether that'll happen--I can't imagine it will.

However, if anyone has any ... (Below threshold)

However, if anyone has any pull with ol' Dave, I would sure like it if they would get my URL in the blogrolling.com database. ;)

Thought of you? I not only... (Below threshold)

Thought of you? I not only thought of you, I recommended you.

I believe that does fall under the heading of, "For What It's Worth," however. I'm not exactly a Superstar in blogdom. *snort*

Tiger,Dave doesn't... (Below threshold)


Dave doesn't own blogrolling.com and, so far as I know, there isn't any obstancle to getting in their database.

You mean Technorati? I'm pretty sure you're in there, too.

Kevin Aylward, paying 500US... (Below threshold)

Kevin Aylward, paying 500USD (of his or some donors') at a W(h)iner-sponsored one-day con? Do you REALLY want to go there? Meryl Yourish got an invite and went through the roof. Trust me on this one, may not be worth the mo.

Jay, I got an invite too. ... (Below threshold)

Jay, I got an invite too. My only interest in attending is as a speaker.

Apparently, there are some ... (Below threshold)

Apparently, there are some people who are *excited* about forking over $500 for the chance to meet Instapundit in person. I'm not one of them.






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