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How To Make A Separate Blogroll Page In PHP

I just put up a post at WizbangTech on how to make a separate page for your Blogrolling.com blogroll in PHP. Thanks to Theresa for the code in this ScriptyGoddess tip and Jason at Blogrolling.com for the tweak to show the whole blogroll.

Anyone who is currently using the Blogrolling.com sidebar method to show their full blogroll (i.e. if you are using the option to show a subset of the blogroll on your main page) should have a look..

Yes this is how I spent my kids nap time today...


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Comments (3)

I'm presuming you've signed... (Below threshold)

I'm presuming you've signed up for the pay version of blogrolling? Otherwise, you can't truncate your list, right?

Thanks, Kevin! I can't wait... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Kevin! I can't wait to try this one...

Kevin Aylward - King of Hacks!

James. yes you are correct.... (Below threshold)

James. yes you are correct. The code works regardless of whether you have the free or pay version though. The table format is nice, especially the multi column support. Theresa came up with that, not me.






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