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Blogging Trifecta Deux

Steven at Poliblog is in the spirit of Navel Gazing Month™, as he is shamelessly trolling for visitors, links, and ratings. Since the ratings are a little screwy right now he's had to redefine mission success. Here's a little dirt on him in case you're curious.

On a far more important note, my own trifecta of thanking three different groups will now begin.

  1. I'd like to thank all the sites who have blogrolled Wizbang lately! If I haven't got a reciprocal link up for you, drop me a line and I'll get it done.

  2. I finally broke down and updated the top referrers list, those sites ROCK!

  3. In a final bit of work induced navel gazing the ever unreliable Site Meter stats crossed 70K this morning, which means it probably more like 80K, but who's counting. Thanks to everyone of you who have visited, I mean it.

3 1/2 months, 600+ posts, 1000+ comments, and I've just about caught up with InstaPundit's traffic... for the day. Next time someone calls be a "big time blogger" (ha!) I'll have to pull that stat out.


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Comments (8)

Hey, not sure how being fin... (Below threshold)

Hey, not sure how being finally shown as updated on some people's blogrolls is helping my readership, as it is a bit early to know if everyone has done so, but I am enjoying seeing my blog at the top of those that rotate those updated ones to the top. I do get tired of being just below all those "The Yada-Yada Whatever" titled blogs. As I said over on dustbury, yes, maybe it is time to change the name to Armadillo: Raggin' & Rantin'. [not]

I'm a top referrer? Is it ... (Below threshold)

I'm a top referrer? Is it broken? LOL

Jen, it must be all the fil... (Below threshold)

Jen, it must be all the films :-)

I'm NOT a top referrer? Wit... (Below threshold)

I'm NOT a top referrer? With all those links to you? Guess I'm not making them sexy enough....

Sorry Susie, I went back an... (Below threshold)

Sorry Susie, I went back an double checked on AweStats. Even with the totals from pp.mu.nu (which I missed the first time) you came in about 17th. The stats are for the month so far.

I've got to draw the line somewhere, and historically it has been at 15. I'm always in favor of sexy links!

Yes, I am trolling for link... (Below threshold)

Yes, I am trolling for links, but not looking for Trolls. I have one as it is, and he's plenty.

And Kevin: congrats on the hits!

Cool! I'm one of the top r... (Below threshold)

Cool! I'm one of the top referrers! Always glad to link to a friend!

Shameless trolling works! M... (Below threshold)

Shameless trolling works! Maybe I need to try it myself...?






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