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California Recall Election Poll From NBC

Here's the first recall election poll I've seen, from NBC:

Recall Gray Davis?
Yes: 59%
No: 35%
Not Sure: 6%

Which Replacement Candidate Will You Vote For?
Schwarzenegger: 31 percent
Bustamante: 18 percent
Simon: 6 percent
Ueberroth: 6 percent
McClintock: 4 percent
Huffington: 4 percent
Other: 3 percent
Not voting: 3 percent
Not sure: 26 percent

If you want to see all the numbers you have to take the survey online. That's why I listed the major results above...


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Comments (2)

Hmmm, seems Georgy is makin... (Below threshold)

Hmmm, seems Georgy is making a really poor showing. I wonder if she is interested in being my running mate. I have the perfect office in mind.

What a circus! Now they're... (Below threshold)

What a circus! Now they're making playing cards like the Iraqi ones. Check them out! They're kind of funny. http://www.recallbattle.com






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