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Gigli Update - $10M Unlikely

Dropping more than 82 percent, the Ben Affleck/ J.Lo. disaster "Gigli" landed in 16th place, bringing in only $640,000 with a total of $5.6 mil so far. It had the lowest per screen average of the top 20 movies released, at $288 per theater, which means they're practically private screenings.

Assuming the $288 is for all showing in a day, the averages still work out to around 10 paying customers per showing...

You can still vote in the poll as to whether the film will top the $10M mark in its domestic release. The vote stands at 73% saying NO.

* - Box office totals from Zap2it.com


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Comments (3)

And I hear she's working on... (Below threshold)

And I hear she's working on a new bomb with Richard 'mr excitement' Gere and Susan 'not gonna go there' Serandon. All they need is Costner to turn it into a 4-hour snoozer and it'll be perfection.

Well, still ten brave, mone... (Below threshold)

Well, still ten brave, money-to-burn paying customers after so long? At least The Bad Movie scores one for consistency.

Wow, at my theater, an aver... (Below threshold)

Wow, at my theater, an average of $288 a day would = blockbuster! (of course, we only charge a dollar a ticket....)






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