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You Just Got Out Of Prison, Where Are You Going?

I'm sure he told the parole board that he was completly reformed. I sure hope that this is his third strike, perhaps they can lock him up for good now.

A nude man arrested at Los Angeles High School allegedly told police he was a registered sex offender just released from prison.

"He was carrying a (California Department of Corrections) box with all his possessions in it. He's walking around nude and telling us he climbed over a 14-foot fence," police Lt. Nick Barbara said.

"He also told us he couldn't have done anything wrong since he'd just gotten out of prison," the lieutenant said.

From the LA CBS affiliate KCAL


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Actually, the CBS affiliate... (Below threshold)

Actually, the CBS affiliate in LA is KCBS-TV, though Viacom, which owns the network, also owns KCAL.






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