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A Little Suprise For Eunuch Boy

You though you had problems...

An Indian man who was forced to spend 18 years with eunuchs because he had a small penis is to lead a normal life after surgery. Vinod Kumar's parents handed him over to the group when he was 18 months old.

Dr Harjinder Singh, who performed the surgery, said: "It was the illiteracy of the parents which forced them to think he was a eunuch."

From Ananova


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Comments (3)

The illiterate parents thou... (Below threshold)

The illiterate parents thought he was a unicorn?

I'm not an expert no the su... (Below threshold)

I'm not an expert no the subject, but how does one come to the conclusion that an 18 month old baby is a eunuch? Don't all penises sort of look the same at that age?

Actually, no they don't loo... (Below threshold)

Actually, no they don't look the same. You sometimes get a "micropenis" that looks an awful lot like a clitoris. And sometimes, a clitoris so large that it looks like a penis. Except that neither change very much a puberty.

There are something over 1 million eunuchs in India, most of them with ambiguous genitalia, though some are 'surgical' products. They're unionized and several have been elected mayors in middle-sized cities. It's a fascinating subject.






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