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How To Properly Blog War

Here are my tips:

  1. It helps to start with a sense of humor.

  2. Use humor as a weapon to bludgon the othere combatant into submission.

  3. Make gratuitous assertions backed up by nothing.

  4. When attacked if you are in the superior position mess with the other combatants blogroll link. I can help you out with this one...

  5. Lie, cheat, and steal

  6. If you are not directly involved taunt the participants.

So who gets it?
Who doesn't get it?
  • (Names withheld to protect the guilty)

The Cardinal Rule Of Blog Waring

Always involve me.


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Comments (13)

~!~... (Below threshold)


Susie's gonna buy me a beer... (Below threshold)

Susie's gonna buy me a beer when I school her in the great blog link war of 2003. The great-great-great grandmother of all bloglinkwars!

There is only one rule!
No linking to Frank J! And no linking to Prof. Glen! And feel free to make fun of Avril Lavigne.

I threw that last one in just for kicks.

Kevin, you're available for... (Below threshold)

Kevin, you're available for assistance, I hear. Since you're already on the IMAO enemies list, want to help a sister out? LOL

Uh oh. Looks like the Jen ... (Below threshold)

Uh oh. Looks like the Jen is looking to recruit Kev. Next she'll be looking for a third to join them as the 'Axis of Naughty'.

This war could quickly get out of hand. It starts so innocently, then before you know it, Monty Python quotes are being flung around and somebody loses an eye (put down that stick!). At the sad ending, the loser has their blogroll divided up between the winners, creating resentment in the conqueured camp and balkanization among the displaced blogrolled.

Gotta pop some corn! This is gonna be fun, if we're lucky!!!

So does that mean you want ... (Below threshold)

So does that mean you want to join, Ted? Your knowledge of rocketry (is that a word?) could be helpful.

Alas, I must only use my ro... (Below threshold)

Alas, I must only use my rocketry powers for the purposes of good. Which doesn't mean I can't join in, I'd just have to use my powers of sneaky.

Boy, talk about tortured sentence structures! Hahahahahaha

Ted (interviewing for MisInformation Minister of War)

Jen, for a top referrer lik... (Below threshold)

Jen, for a top referrer like you (no it's wasn't a mistake) anything you need....

I'd like to be recruited!</... (Below threshold)

I'd like to be recruited!

I missed all the good stuff when I was at the beach (and you weren't).

Excellent. Thanks, Kevin. ... (Below threshold)

Excellent. Thanks, Kevin. And Victor, you can join me if you like. :-)

Oops, thanks, Ted...I didn'... (Below threshold)

Oops, thanks, Ted...I didn't notice your post.

"I am often mistaken for no... (Below threshold)

"I am often mistaken for not being present."

(name the source)

Another tip should be addre... (Below threshold)

Another tip should be addressed to interested observers:

Use a #2 pencil on your score cards, not a pen, as it can get rather messy, fairly quickly. :-)

i hap-hazardly ran smack da... (Below threshold)

i hap-hazardly ran smack dab into the middle of what appears to be the recruitment phase of a blogwar[??].

who knows perhaps i will stick around until both sides have been whittled away into chicken bones, then feed them to the pigs.

either way, i always enjoy a blood bath. ; )






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