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Dawn On The Joys Of Pregnancy

Dawn Olsen brings back all the memories of pregnancy in vivid detail, would you expect anything less from her?

But these two posts I'm going to tuck away in my back pocket. My wife has been secretly longing to try for #3. In the future, when she brings up the possibility of having a third child I will first direct her to Dawn's post on pregnancy fat, and then this post about peeing.

When my wife was pregnant with the twins she peed on the hour 24/7, and looked like the cute round tummied ladies Dawn laments at about 4 months. Unfortunatly she had 5 more months to nibble on take out food. I was right there with her though, adding weight through cheesesteaks and pizza as well.


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Comments (4)

Do not forget the rule. Ne... (Below threshold)

Do not forget the rule. Never have more children than you have hands! My dear friends who knew the rule didn't tell me! Three spuds later, I understand all the reasons behind the rule.

Well Kevin my dear, Eric is... (Below threshold)

Well Kevin my dear, Eric is rarely ever encouraging me to eat, but rarely ordering me around in a not so subtle attempt to burn calories.

Make that second "rarely" a... (Below threshold)

Make that second "rarely" an always.

I'll keep that in mind shou... (Below threshold)

I'll keep that in mind should the need ever arise. For now our boys handle the ordering around...






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