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Navel Gazing Month™ Update

Well the August Is Navel Gazing Month™ meme seems to have caught fire. Bloggers are running scared to invent different, unique ways to navel gaze in entertaining ways. You've got lists, sexiest female blogger contests, Blogger Awards, bloggers interviewing other bloggers, song contests, the obligitory "what type of blogger are you" quizilla quizes, etc.

I'll just stand back and admire my handy work as bloggerdom implodes on itself.

For the "gimmickless amongst you, here's a couple suggestions:

  1. Hold Blogger Recall Election

  2. Start a pointless Blog War

  3. Start a blogger chain letter

  4. Take a poll on the top ways honor Navel Gazing Month™
Help out your content starved brethren and leave and idea for them in the comments.


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Comments (2)

I thought the pointless Blo... (Below threshold)

I thought the pointless Blog War was covered on several fronts?

I'm kinda insulted that my ... (Below threshold)

I'm kinda insulted that my name isn't on the sexiest female bloggers list of niminees. And I'm certainly not going to nominate myself, coz that's lame as hell.







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