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Congratulations To Kate

Venomous Kate is the newest entry to the InstaPundit blogroll where she is listed as Kate. I'm sure other people were added and deleted as well, but it's not like I check every day or remember who's on or off.

Next up in my book should be James Joyner, followed immediately by me, of course.

Let's see if we can't make that happen...


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Comments (4)

The good professor isn't on... (Below threshold)

The good professor isn't on there?

Nope...... (Below threshold)


He actually changes it? Now... (Below threshold)

He actually changes it? Now I feel really unwanted. :-(

Thanks for the plug. Stran... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the plug. Strangely, the Blogfather was reading OTB a month or so into its existence, back in the blogspot days, during which time I got three mentions in the space of a week. I don't think he's been back since the war, though.

And you're sort of on the blogroll, Kevin. It's just listed as IMAO. ;)






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