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Great Moments In Crime

Apparently bank robbery is an up and coming profession for the geriatric set.

DALLAS (Reuters) - Texas police said have arrested a 91-year-old man suspected of robbing an Abilene bank, possibly making him the oldest bank robber in U.S. history.

J.L. Hunter Rountree, who goes by the nickname "Red," was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of stealing about $2,000, Abilene police said.

They said they had no records to prove it, but they thought Rountree was the oldest person ever to rob a bank in the country.


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Comments (2)

He was probably just trying... (Below threshold)

He was probably just trying to augment his Social Security....

Nope, it is because his 91 ... (Below threshold)

Nope, it is because his 91 year old wife is the oldest known crack ho and he needed to feed her habit so he could feed her his oh I won't go into all of that. Abilene is where I grew up. ;) My brother, that non-bloggin' Kevin I referenced in my bloggin' Kevins post yesterday, lives there still.






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