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If Michele Was Online, What Would She Post?

This blackout must be just driving her nuts. With that in mind I went diving through her archives in hopes that her previous words would provide her fans comfort in their time of need.

Here's an entry from her archive where she briefly discusses the last great New York blackout. Anyone remember who the top concert draw was the summer before that one? Michele will fill you in. Think "Do You Feel Like We Do"...

Hurry back Michele... I know we'll be in for treat with tales from the dark city when power is restored.

Update: As predicted, all your questions are answered.


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Comments (4)

I was thinking the same thi... (Below threshold)

I was thinking the same thing earlier today. About how I would go crazy with not being able to blog. (Not that I ever have anything *burningly important* to discuss, but. . .) I remember reading her post about 9/11 a week or so ago and she speculated about the divisions that were back -- and what it would take to see New Yawkers rally around each other again. I hope she was able to see the things I saw on the news, tonight. It was so refreshing to see people helping each other, being HUMAN to one another. I was present for the OKC bombing and the one thing I took away from that experience was YES, it was a violent act that showed the spectre of man's inhumanity to man, but what was more awe-inspiring to see was the instantaneous outpouring of good, loving acts of kindness.

I hope that she saw some of that today.

One final question: Does this mean that I need a 12-step program? I hope not. Heh.

I was blogging in my head t... (Below threshold)

I was blogging in my head the whole time, taking down copious notes.

It's good to be back, and it was certainly good to see that camraderie among New Yawkas again.

Good that it didn't take a ... (Below threshold)

Good that it didn't take a tradgedy. The blackout mave have been inconvient but I'm sure 10 out of 10 Yankee fans would take it over a real terrorist attack.

<a href="http://htmlfwiamwa... (Below threshold)

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