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A Fool And His Money...

Will no one take my money? In this post I noted the desperate need for a designer for a Sports blog. Football season is fast approaching and we need to get up NOW. Wizbang's designer Joni is busy, so I was looking for others the best way I knew how...

Not mentioned in that post is that I will pay up front (normal design rates) for someone to do this work... I'm not looking for freebies. I do know what the going rates are in case you're wondering...

Tell your site designer friends, have them contact me ASAP. I'm ready to start tonight...


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Comments (5)

Kevin! Not on the eve of my... (Below threshold)

Kevin! Not on the eve of my two-day vacation into hell!!!

KevingI am intereste... (Below threshold)

I am interested drop me a line if you still need someone and I will see if I can do what you need.

I have thought about starting a sports blog as well...do you need any writers?

Oops. Not to self: when ask... (Below threshold)

Oops. Not to self: when asking for work, spell potential employers name correctly. Sorry Kevin!

I design. What exact... (Below threshold)

I design.
What exactly are you looking for? (Details, I'm into details...) You can mail me "at" any name in front of site-essential.com.
Oh yeah, and I'm a renegade. I don't take 'up front' pay. If you like what I did, you pay. If you don't, you don't (but you damn well better not use the design you "didn't like" unless you really want to see me in bellicose mode).

Kevin:Let me know ... (Below threshold)


Let me know if we can help. Please take a look at our site to get an idea as to the quality of our work. I can be reached at 310-274-8363. Look forward to speaking with you and have a great one. Ciao.






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