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The Force Grows

In addition to my loyal devotion, the following upstanding citizens have publicly declared their allegiance to Glenn Reynolds


And now:

There are countless others as well, who should be honored as often as possible...

Everyone who has publicly publicly declared support for the becon of light and Instalanches will be listed here in a special blogroll that links to their post of support. To be listed you must trackback your post to this post... If you're on Blogger you can use the Trackback tool here. Click the Trackback link below to get the ID for this post.

Fight the forces of evil, support the one, the way, the light... Glenn


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Comments (9)

Fools! What you see as the ... (Below threshold)

Fools! What you see as the light is really the dark, pure evil waiting to consume you all!

There is still time to choose. You can support a blog that actually has some content (as opposed to Instapundit), or you can die a painful death at the hands of a katana-wielding, dual pistol-brandishing engineer. I don't think it's a difficult decision.

muhahahahha! muhahahahahha... (Below threshold)

muhahahahha! muhahahahahhahahaa!

Get used to that sound Kevin because it's the last thing you'll hear when we are victorious!


Kevin, I take it this means... (Below threshold)

Kevin, I take it this means you haven't watched my movies?

The movies in which I star as a secret agent in service of his Instantness?

These movies?

Phoenix and serenity: You monkeys are goin' down! It's clear that you are monkeys, since you are wielding two pistols and a katana at the same time!

Well, OK, you could be octopusses...

Sorry I've been busy with a... (Below threshold)

Sorry I've been busy with a not so fun blog war...

How do we know when there's... (Below threshold)

How do we know when there's a winner? If Frank wins will be all have to buy his t-shirt?

Since I think this "war" thing is a heat-induced neurosis and since Glen links to weblogs that are no where near the quality of TAM, I will remain neutral. But I could be persuaded (ie. bribed) by being added to blogrolls. I have a price.

"Phoenix and serenity: You ... (Below threshold)

"Phoenix and serenity: You monkeys are goin' down! It's clear that you are monkeys, since you are wielding two pistols and a katana at the same time!"

I was referring to Frank, you moron!

Frank has a katana and a special holster for his Colt 1991 and Walther PPK.

Phoenix: So it's only Frnak... (Below threshold)

Phoenix: So it's only Frnak that's the monkey then? You did say he was brandishing two pistols while wielding a katana.

Kevin: Yeah, I saw. Yuck. Spiteful and nasty.

Kevin, we need a Really Coo... (Below threshold)

Kevin, we need a Really Cool Name. The Enemy is The Simian Alliance; I've seen at least two proposed for Those In Support of Prof. Reynolds. They are: InstAxis (my idea) and The Coalition of Instantry (Pixy Misa). There might be others as well. Do you have any ideas for A Really Cool Name?

Does <a href="http://www.ou... (Below threshold)

Does this count?






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