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Die Stupid Internet Die

I told you (and you know who you are) that this would happen. If you call out the trolls and host them you are inciting them to commit a crime in my state, and probably all of the others. You could have deleted the comment, but no you had to highlight it five ways to Sunday. Well I hope everyone is real happy and smug now...

I've got so much more to say, but I must sleep now.


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Comments (2)

Alas this will be the 'down... (Below threshold)

Alas this will be the 'downfall' of the blogosphere. This is why it will gain no respect in the mainstream journalism world.

Large groups of people (especially on the internet) will always get stupid.

It is FINE to disagree with people. And it is GOOD (IMO) to (gently) smack people around if they try to bend facts. Peer editing is one of the strengths of blogging.

But when you ya just get stupid, whacky and malicious you have just gone too far. That is why I don't have a public blog and I don't sign my last name. Too many morons.

I don't even know the names of the people involved much less who did what when... But I'm willing to bet there is more than enough blame to go around.

So say I.


The whole thing was shamefu... (Below threshold)

The whole thing was shameful. IMO, the offensive comment should have been deleted and the situation handled in e-mail.

Sometimes, it's hard to believe we are dealing with adults on these blogs.






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