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Jen Strikes

Another force opposes the marmoset ways of Frank J. The Axis of Naughty has stuck a blow for capitalism and scored a victory against the monkey forces of Frank J. by becoming a BlogAd sponsor at The NetFlix Blog Presented By Frank J.

According to Jen - The Axis of Naughty welcomes everyone, regardless of your stance on Puppy Blending or Hobo Smiting. Our motto is Free Permalinks for All! And in that regard, I would like to encourage everyone in the Axis to link to other members of the Axis. After all, BlogWars are about the oil links!

Update: I forgot to mention the Axis of Kevins as a part of the great crusade. The Kevins show that right and left all hail to the king of links.

Comments (7)

I had a feeling Frnak was a... (Below threshold)

I had a feeling Frnak was a little (marmo)set in his ways...

And, uh, when will blogo... (Below threshold)

And, uh, when will blogoSFERICS turn up in the Allegiance Alliance list?

Frnak, Susie, and Serenity,... (Below threshold)

Frnak, Susie, and Serenity, all of the Simian Alliance, are reporting an outbreak of Monkey Pox among Simian Alliance members!

Your linkage is laughable! ... (Below threshold)

Your linkage is laughable! Ha! Me and Frank were gonna smite you on Saturday -- we'll smite you on Tuesday instead.

When the revolution comes, ... (Below threshold)

When the revolution comes, you will all pay for your crimes against the Blogger Alliance.

Laughable? Kevin, Rocket J... (Below threshold)

Laughable? Kevin, Rocket Jones and myself all got InstaLinked in the same day!

Shame Jen didn't get a link... Though Blog City was apparently under monkey attack for much of the day.

Behold the power of the Ins... (Below threshold)

Behold the power of the Instalanch! I thought Sitemeter was broken when I saw the numbers.






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