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Bonfire of the Vanities - Week 7

The Bonfire of the Vanities like a raging western brush fire! The motto this week is "Throw Another Blog On The Bonfire". All of this weeks entries have been gladdy offered up to the raging inferno that is the Bonfire...

Bonfire of the Vanities

If you want to be reminded to enter the Bonfire each week via e-mail, subscribe to the Bonfire mailing list. If you just want to be reminded that you may have sucked last week, the list can help you there too.

On with the suckfest...

Illuminating The Blogosphere With Their Flaming Entrails
  • Adam, who has run out of supermodel pictures, is reduced to blogging about the possible scientific proof of a real Bigfoot. Next up a he will prove that the moon landing never happened and that Elvis is still alive.
  • Tiger enters his 5 questions in the blogging mass delusional meme of overblown self-importance craze that just won't die despite repeated attempt to kill it. Seems fitting…
  • Laurence, tired of the 5 question meme, tries to create a new erection meme. Bionic dick = funny (unless it's headed right at you…)
  • Jay diligently announces a hiatus to his *ahem* loyal readers. Making sure the car was in drivable condition was apparently less important than announcing his departure.
  • Sean is neutral until bribed in the Glenn/Frank "war." As with real world neutrality one tends to think of neutral parties as really weenies.
  • Susie has a treasure trove of suckiness this week, yet all she could come up with was her latently metrosexual longings for the return of two bloggers.
  • Jim allows you to join him on a narcotic laced blogging journey. I'm no doctor but I thin promethazine is a teen slang word for crank or ludes.
  • Pete sucks up to one of the nominees for Sexiest Female Blogger. Bad news Pete, she's only into bionic dicks.
  • Kin has breaking news that California Governor candidate Mary Carey has fake boobs, really who would have guessed? Not quite up to the Blogging Kevins standards, but hey look at his name.
  • Jeff refers to himself in the third person more than Stuart Scott (ESPN) or Bryant Gumble (HBO). At least those pompous airbags are occasionally entertaining.
  • Margi blogs her Christmas wish list. Show a little more toe porn and your readers my start sending that stuff to you…
  • Jen who runs a hamster powered blog, regales us with tales of monkey sex. For the pervs among you, no she is not involved…
  • Harvey's to do list is short: Piss off the Secret Service - check. Moon the DEA - check. Invite the vengeful wrath of Almighty God - check.
  • Nathan notes the shortage of monkeys. He's obviously not been in contact with Jen.
  • Tim blogs sneezing. Since it was just a single sneeze covered in four paragraphs he might just have hit a new all time Bonfire low. Bravo!
  • Kevin McGehee comes up with the tag line for this weeks Bonfire, but only after lamely pinging the post without the good tag line. Literally a day late and a dollar short…
  • Aside from my less that stellar effort here, I offer up this post where I proudly proclaim the return of the Ecosystem. Later that day it was shut down by Hosting Matters. I jinxed it...

Want To Join?
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Comments (4)

Looks like this was double ... (Below threshold)

Looks like this was double posted. In any event, you've robbed me of my delusion that only I could crash the Ecosystem by blogging about it.

Sorry I didn't submit anything this week, but I always encourage other people to select from my buffet of crappy posts and submit one by proxy.

He is alive and my Grandpa ... (Below threshold)

He is alive and my Grandpa told me the whole moon landing thing was on a Hollywood film set!

The moon landing was faked ... (Below threshold)

The moon landing was faked by Frnak -- who is, incidentally, Elvis's Evil Twin, who didn't really die in infancy.

It's not my fault Frank the... (Below threshold)

It's not my fault Frank the Monkey is attacking the blog-city server!






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