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The Axis of Naughty In The News

The forces of Frank J. Flagg take another hit from the one and only. This should convince Axis members that the should make a stand for Glenn. The Instalanche you miss may be your own.

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I think blog-city would exp... (Below threshold)

I think blog-city would explode under the weight of an Instalanche right now. ;-)

Never! I'm not only backin... (Below threshold)

Never! I'm not only backing Frank J for his reasons, I'm backing them for my own. White Glenn never reads my site and he always links to stories right before me...how is anyone going to be recognized if he blogs 24 hours a day? He's inhuman! He must go down!

Oh and Long Live Frank J!</... (Below threshold)

Oh and Long Live Frank J!


I have posted this morning ... (Below threshold)

I have posted this morning about my stance on the InstaGlenn/Monkey-Boy war, Kevin.

Glenn doesn't admit I exist... (Below threshold)

Glenn doesn't admit I exist and frequently posts things after I've already had 'em up for hours. Ergo, Frank is The One.






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