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U.N. Bombed In Iraq

The U.N. was not exactly welcomed with open arms...

BAGHDAD, Iraq Aug 19 - A truck bomb exploded in front of the hotel housing the U.N. headquarters in the Iraqi capital on Tuesday, killing at least 15 people and wounding dozens, officials said. Among the casualties was the chief U.N. official in Iraq, who was trapped in the rubble.


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Today is a victory for I... (Below threshold)

Today is a victory for Islamic Militants
First, an explosive-laden cement truck slams into the United Nations headquarters in Iraq and kills over 20 people. No group has claimed responsibility for the bombing, but it represents a level of complexity above the guerilla tactics of the past month. This is terrorism in its absolute definition: the deliberate attack of innocent civilians. It is a sad day in Baghdad, especially because Sergio Vierra de Mello, the top UN official in Iraq, was one of the victims.

Then, hours later, another suicide bomber blows himself up in an extra-long bus in Jeruselem. This means that Israelis worst fears are coming true: that the militant groups have spent the time for the "truce" to re-supply for a new round of attacks. Abu Mazen's government has not effectively reigned in on the terrorists. Apparently, he was negotiating a truce with another set of militants when the blast went off. But, it doesn't seem that a "truce" is effective in stopping the terrorists. He fears that a civil war would ensue if the PLO tried disarming the militants. Well, then maybe it is a civil war that is necessary to fix this broken society.

Pictures worth a thousand w... (Below threshold)

Pictures worth a thousand words:

Peace, peace, where there is no peace.

Full article.

More religion of peace.

I think Dubya is overdue for a Colin bypass operation.

Koran, HUH! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Say it again!

A bomb goes off in a hotel ... (Below threshold)
Chui Tey:

A bomb goes off in a hotel in the Philipines, the FBI swoops in and carts the suspect away. And guess what, he is an American citizen and pretty American sounding name. Philipine's police wants to question this guy. And there's been some talk that this was with the CIA. I guess a bible-toting President is not above dirty tricks.






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