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A Fine Idea

Problem: Some bloggers need or desire anonymity, for various reasons.
Problem: Intermittent bloggers don't get enough traffic to sustain a site.

That's from the introduction to Silflay Hraka: The Warren, a site for those who want to blog intermittently or anonymously. You benefit from the established Silflay Hraka name and traffic, and are freed from the demands of maintaining a personal blog. It's a good idea, and I've been remiss in promoting it. It's onto the blogroll now and might be a good option for you if you're thinking of getting into blogging, but in limited way.

Update: As pointed out by mog, The Warren is fine reading as well. I can't believe I forgot to mention that. Go visit!


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That blog has some good pos... (Below threshold)

That blog has some good posts, excellent posts, well worth reading even if you're not considering getting into blogging in a limited way






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