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Maintenance Warning

I was informed this evening by my hosting provider (VerveHosting.com) that their upstream partner will be performing emergency maintenance starting about now. This work will be done between the hours of 12 AM EST and 3 AM EST, Wednesday, August 20th. You may experience some degradation of service at Wizbang during a portion of this window, and there may be a period of 5 to 20 minutes of downtime as core routers readjust to the upgrade. Then again you may not notice at all..

Update: Everything appears to be A-OK now...

Comments (3)

yeah, we too are on verve, ... (Below threshold)

yeah, we too are on verve, yo. we got lots of canned goods ready for the degradation, then again you may not notice it at all. good luck, and if i don't see ya, please let my mom know i love her.

comma problem, url is fine ... (Below threshold)

comma problem, url is fine now... uhhh, sorry.

No problem. That'll just g... (Below threshold)

No problem. That'll just give me an excuse to get three hours of sleep!






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