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Sports Bloggers Needed

OK, we've got our site designer for the soon to be unveiled SportBlog. Now Sean and I need to recruit a stable of bloggers to cover teams, players, fantasy sports, predictions, forcasts, and opinion. Have a look at BlogCritics or CommandPost if you want to see the concept in action.

SportsBlog will be a group site for pro sports fans, fantasy players, and sports news junkies. We have lots of tricks up our sleeves, but right now we need to build a stable of contributors keep the site fresh. Ideally you would cover your favorite team, but contributors will be able to post in any of the catagories.

Interested parties should send a message to kevin - at - sportsblog dot org. You do not need to have a blog to sign on as a contributor, but if you have a blog please send the URL in your message. Please indicate the teams your are interested in covering as well as other topics you may want to address. Multiple contributors per team will be allowed.


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Comments (2)

Count me in for football - ... (Below threshold)

Count me in for football - the Bucs and the Rams. I'm already doing it anyway.

kevin -- i'm new to the blo... (Below threshold)

kevin -- i'm new to the blog thing... and want to find a good guide to blog sites, specifically for sports and football. can you help at all? thanks so much... kath






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