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Lair reminds me that it's time to go do another 100:1 split on Wizbang... Consider this you insider information gleaned as Charlie Sheen did in Wall Street; working with the cleaning crew.

Update: Lair I are pursuing opposite strategies, I am splitting the stock toward infinity, while ATS is down to 10 shares total. His price per share is over $2M, mine is back down to .08 cents.

Also somehow I rank in the top thousand "players" (981), which is interesting as I've not visited the site in two months until tonight...


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How much attention you pay ... (Below threshold)

How much attention you pay to the game seems to be irrelevant below the Top 500 or so. (I'm #526, and I can think of nothing I did to deserve it.)

Blogshares? I don't think I... (Below threshold)

Blogshares? I don't think I've been there in over 2 months. I'll take this opportunity to go see how my portfolio is looking.






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